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The fabrication of industrial products internationally is full of challenges. Many factors can influence the quality and final landed cost of the product, one of the most critical factors is often logistics/supply chain.

Logistics can be your partner to help create excellence in your supply chain and distribution network. We can offer services and support from initial PO/Vendor management to the executive of final delivery services, and everything in between.

No matter the complexity of your supply chain and manufacturing process, Noatum is here to help. Working together you will gain access to our many resources, experienced professionals and global network, to safeguard the quality of your products.

Logistics services to Industrial Manufacturers

Noatum Logistics professionals provide the expertise to find new ways to manage costs, build cash reserves, streamline processes, improve products and increase your resilience to unplanned disruptions in established and emerging markets.

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Case Study – Consumer Electronics logistics

A leading manufacturer of cell phone accessories was in a crisis. Issues with an overseas partner completely shut down their supply chain. They needed a new logistics services provider to quickly step in and get shipments moving. The manufacturer also recognized the need to rethink its supply chain to gain better control over vendors, reduce costs and achieve more efficient handling of orders.


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