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Satguru Road Lines provides a multidisciplinary experience having full capacity to specifically answer each one of the logistics needs generated in the food industry. Our Group Satguru Road Lines has over 50 years of experience representing liner and tramp ship owners (some of them have their own fleet of food tankers) as well as working with terminals that specialise in handling agricultural products, and refrigerated cargoes.

Specific services to the Food Industry

We offer a great variety of specialised services to the food industry for all types of products, both for those that require cold storage (perishable and reefer) and for the ones that do not.

Logistics for Food Industry

We are aware of the important mission that food industry has: providing safe food to millions of people around the world.

Therefore, we guarantee at all times the necessary means for the special conservation, handling and distribution that the product requires, complying with the highest quality and service standards.


We can offer you advice on how to handle
all of your logistics demands.